What started as a childhood vision has become my new reality, and what started as a blog intended to keep me accountable for following my dreams has quickly turned into a baking company – an additional income, an opportunity to be now what I have wanted to be my whole life: A BAKER.

I recently partnered with a local BBQ company called Bandit BBQ that serves up the most mouth-watering-ly delicious Texas Pit BBQ (I'm not joking... You have to try it.). They’re a mobile catering company who set up shop at various events in the San Diego and Orange County areas. As of late, they landed a residency every Saturday night at the Surfside Tap Room in Oceanside, CA. When this happened, they asked if I would make cornbread and desserts for them, and I said, “Yes!". They also asked if I'd like to join them every Saturday and sell my goods myself, to which I also said a big YES. 

Last Saturday was my first day on the job, and it was awesome! I went and sold mini pies and pie slices to the taproom patrons and the BBQ company bought a double batch of my Buttery Cornbread to serve with their meat plates. By the end of the night, I had made my first $72.00 as a Baker and received the best feedback from the strangers who tried my goods for the first time! Not only that but I got to meet and get to know amazing and generous people, and I got to be the person behind the table with the tasty food – the person who is having fun doing what they love, the person I have always envied. 

While I was there, a friend of Bandit BBQ’s came to hang out and asked who made the pies. I told him that I did and then proceeded to tell him the short version of my story which I ended with the statement, “I’m trying to become a Baker.” Then he looked at me and said, “You mean, 'You are a Baker.'” I followed with, “Well yeah, but I’m trying to make it like, a career.” Then I looked at him and we looked at the BBQ Chef, and we all started laughing at the irony because there I was… Being a Baker and making it my career. In the joy of that moment I realized that I am a Baker and it is my new career. I am not becoming. I am doing, and there are no words to describe how great it feels.

Since then, I have already fulfilled my first catering order of 100 mini pies that were taken to an open house event in Newport Beach for a realty company. I also have two birthday cake orders in queue for the coming months. I have purchased commercial grade containers for baking ingredients and designed business cards and promotional materials. I have started researching sole proprietorships, catering licenses, liability insurance, and Public Health Safety regulations. So, I guess what I’m saying is… I’m open for business!

When I started this venture, I had no intention of selling baked goods or starting a business. In fact, I was planning on selling baking supplies and mindfulness goods through Amazon on the blog. I needed products to help make up for some of the income that I lost when I left my job. I guess I didn’t realize, though, that I already had the products. I also didn't realize, or honor rather, the fact that I already have some skills. While I still plan to go to Culinary School, I'm gathering that my path may look different than the traditional school-restaurant worker-Prep Cook-Sous Chef-Chef route. As they say, it is not so much the destination as it is the journey...

Steve Jobs once said, “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”

I could not find this to be more true… I always envisioned being a Baker, and I never pursued it because it seemed too hard, too unstable, too scary. Now I’m here and it’s not scary at all, stable enough, and extraordinarily easy because I’m excited about it and really care about it; I absolutely love it. It seems like each week brings a new opportunity to keep expanding my passion, and the vision is most certainly pulling me. It’s pulling me to the right places and the right people at the right times, without me doing anything at all - anything beside baking that is.

So with all of that, it is time for my #thoughtfulthursday question: What vision do you have for your life? Are you living that vision or have you gotten tangled in the fears of it? If you have, I encourage you to follow your vision... Take one step toward it, whether big or small. Let it draw you in, and I imagine with some confidence that it will begin to pull you too. You may not get to where you want to be overnight, but with each next step you will get to where your vision needs you be in order for it to work it’s magic.

Let it bake,