Today, I spent the day making dog treats! I made a dinner and dessert variety of Grilled Chicken Biscuits, Almond Butter Brittle, and After Mints, and yes… Curtis the Pug was thrilled to taste test and approved of my creations! I made the treats using all natural ingredients and they smelled amazing while they baked. So, I had to try them too! I don’t normally eat dog treats, but I’d certainly eat these again. Not only did I enjoy them, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the kitchen - time trying something new, hanging out with Curtis, and taking a much needed mindful moment to process the last month of my life...

My favorite quote written by Oswald Chambers says, “Never live for the rare moments; they are surprises.” Well, let’s just say the last month granted me an awful LOT of surprises. Everything from realizing my blog has business potential to being offered a full-time baking job from a well-known San Diego Pastry Chef, receiving a year-and-a-half-overdue apology from a friend that I had long-since forgotten I wanted, encountering unexpected and supportive people from the past, deepening connections with long-time acquaintances, having difficult conversations with friends in order to maintain peace, and finally reaching common ground with someone I’ve struggled with for years. All of it has happened in the last 44 days - the same days I wake up at 3:00a.m. to serve lattes, the same days I work on my feet for 16 hours going from one job to the next and then home to bake, the same days I try to build and maintain a new small business.

Does it sound like I’m complaining? I assure you I’m not. I sincerely love my new journey, so much so that I’m often brought to tears at the most random times because of the joy I feel. In addition, I recognize all of the last month-and-some's happenings as positive and feel grateful that so many “rare” moments have occurred. At the same time, I feel tired and overwhelmed. This gives me two choices...

Choice Number One: Throw in the towel and go get my steady job back so that I can get some damn sleep and know exactly what each day will hold.

Choice Number Two: Press on. Clear the distractions. Find the will that lies deep within my soul to transcend the overwhelming feelings and settle in to my new way of life - a way that is tiresome yet satisfying, fast yet free, and unpredictable yet extraordinary. 

Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.
— Paulo Coelho

Obviously, I choose Choice Number Two. I cannot, and I will not, look back.

Each day presents us with a choice... To give up or to show up. It’s easy to show up when the days run smoothly, but what do you do on the rough days - the days you feel overwhelmed?

Don’t give up. Persist. Persist until you succeed. Show up. Show up for yourself. Show up for other people and for your dreams, and they will show up for you.

Let it bake,