Welzen offers guided mindfulness meditations that can help you manage work life, stress, anxiety, focus, sleep, relationships and creativity. It also has a few meditations designed specifically for kids and women. It has a clean, fun format that is quite user friendly. Not to mention, the man's voice who leads the meditations is pretty soothing. 

Free download for limited content access
$4.99/month for full access - Totally worth it!



A fun app that forces you to put down your phone and focus on the present moment. Here's how Forest works: When you want to focus on the task at hand or the present moment without getting distracted by your phone, you open the app, set the in-app timer, choose a tree and plant it. As the time goes, your tree beings to grow. If you exit the app before the timer goes off, the tree you planted will die. If you don't exit the app, you get to add the full grown tree to your daily forest and get points that you can use to plant a real life tree through an organization called Trees for the Future. 

$1.99 to download 



A mindfulness meditation app with soothing nature pictures and sounds! Calm has a "breathe" feature that helps you appropriately time your in and out breaths in order to feel more calm, and it offers various calming "Sleep Stories" that help you fall asleep naturally. They're like bedtime stories for adults, and they're awesome. Insight to the awesomeness: One of the bedtime stories is titled "Ferris Bueller's Teacher."

Free download for limited content access - This is all you need
$4.99/month for full access 

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