Allison Reed BA, Human Development & Counseling Services Future Pastry Chef Mindfulness Enthusiast

Fun Facts

Culinary Work:
Pastry Cook & Breadmaker
Ironside Fish & Oyster, San Diego, CA

Pastry Assistant
Herb & Wood, San Diego, CA

Favorite Pastry:
Cream Pan Strawberry Croissants

Meaning of "Let it Bake" Tattoo:
Live patiently in the present moment, the same way you do when you have baked goods in the oven.

Hi There.

Thanks for stopping in! I go by Allison, and my story goes like this:

Since childhood, I have had a passion for baking and pastry. While many kids spent time outside, I spent time in the kitchen – researching food science, learning baking techniques, memorizing recipes, and combining unlikely ingredients and flavors. One of my most famous original plates consisted of American cheese slices sandwiched between two pieces of cinnamon raisin bread spread with mayonnaise… My brother hated it. I still swear by it.

I never felt afraid to try new things, persisting if I failed until I got it just right. Amidst the normal struggles of childhood, the kitchen became my safe and creative space, my flow zone, the only place I could think clearly and have control. No matter what happened around me I always made time to bake, and I told my mother I would become a Pastry Chef one day. Then, life happened…

When the time came to explore college, I wished to attend culinary school and didn’t because I thought it wise to follow a more traditional path. So, I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development & Counseling services, worked as a youth counselor, and then landed a job at a global nonprofit organization where I eventually received the word “executive” in my title. I felt proud of my achievements, but I also felt empty… I had left my passion behind, and it wasn't until May of 2016 during a Bumble date that I realized what was missing.

And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.
— Meister Eckhart

During said date, the object of my right-swipe asked me what I like to do for fun. In the moment I thought, "Lame question, dude," and then proceeded with your standard answer. When I arrived home afterward, however, I asked myself the same thing and realized I didn't like the question because I didn't have a good answer. I thought about it for months and finally accepted that I had prioritized work over play for years and had become so caught in "the grind" that I had forgotten what I enjoyed most. I sulked in self-disappointment for a few days and then decided to take a more mindful approach... I vowed to set aside time each week to do what I have always loved most: Bake. Little did I know it would result in quitting my job and altering my entire lifestyle in pursuit of my childhood dream to become a Pastry Chef.

The journey has begun, and I have come to appreciate it as both extremely uncomfortable and extraordinarily magical. Here, you will find my expanding portfolio along with honest and motivational stories along my journey – a culinary growth journal, if you will.

My intention in storytelling is to not forget where I came from and to remember the people and the lessons that find me on this new path. May my words offer inspiration for you to follow your dreams, to embrace change gracefully, to practice continuous improvement, to live humbly and passionately, and to honor your personal creativity.

Let it bake,