Uncertainty is also... a form of anxiety. It's that worried, nervous, uneasy feeling you get when you're not sure if last night's date will call you for a second or when you're waiting for a call from a job you interviewed for. The list of times we feel the anxieties of uncertainty could really go on and on... Some people experience these uncomfortable feelings slightly and some immensely; regardless of how much you experience the symptoms, there are several ways to get past uncertainty and live a beautiful life anyway. Here's three:


Let go of expectations.

This applies to your expectations of yourself and of others... When we go through life always expecting ourselves to be our very best and thinking that others will feel and act as we wish them to, we set ourselves up for endless disappointment. While it's good to have confidence and work toward achievement, we should always keep in mind that failure happens. You will fail. Friends, family, and strangers will fail. Forgive yourself, ask others for forgiveness, and keep on moving forward. 


Prepare for your plans to change.

A good plan will only get you so far if you are not prepared for unexpected changes. When preparing for your future, think ahead about how you can respond to bumps in the road... Will you freak out, become crippled in devastation, and not proceed? Or will you gracefully accept the changes in direction, get creative, and keep on truckin'? When we prepare for change we can respond appropriately to it rather than reacting emotively, which will carry us further on our route to success. 


Focus on your "control groups." 

What parts of your life can you control? Most of us can control what time we get up in the morning, whether we take a shower or not, whether we exercise or not. While these examples may seem simple, managing uncertainty sometimes requires just that – identifying the simplest "control groups" in your life and spending your time managing them instead of living in the uncontrollable future. When we do this, we gain confidence in our ability to proceed without knowing what might happen next. 

So, there you have it! With that, may you find the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.